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B.Thom Stevenson

by B.Thom Stevenson


Poster Drawings is B. Thom Stevenson's second book released through Commune Japan. It contains a recent collection of what Stevenson calls “Poster Drawings”, enamel paint on neon poster board paper. The type of poster board often seen stapled to telephone poles announcing garage sales, rooms for rent, or lost dogs. B. Thom’s posters however convey much more abstract messages often paired with contradictory illustrations, with messages left for the reader to interpret as they will. The saddle stitched 36 page booklet screen printed on neon paper and offset printed on white paper will be released at the MOMA PS1 NYABF.

Familiarity is fickle; memory is unreliable; and nostalgia is negation. B. Thom Stevenson’s practice which spans drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, and performance — recognizes and embraces these truisms by subjecting imagery culled from an eclectic selection of sources to a series of deconstructionist reworkings until the images are renewed afresh. His main references include niche yet ubiquitous materials such as informational leaflets, anarchist manifestos, DIY culture, Italian films,
vintage quilt templates, and Celtic stone carvings.

B. Thom Stevenson will mount an upcoming solo show at As It Stands (Los Angeles). Stevenson has exhibited at MoMA (New York), Interstate Projects (Brooklyn), The Journal (Brooklyn), Half Gallery (New York), Various Small Fires (Los Angeles), V1 (Copenhagen), New Release (New York), Steinsland Berliner (Stockholm), and Fisher Parrish (New York). B. Thom Stevenson was born in Worcester, MA and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Screen print on neon paper (Printed by Yuichiro Tamaki https://www.instagram.com/mywar_yuichiro
) and Offset print on fine white paper
36 pages
Stitch binding
199 × 257mm
released Sep 2018
Limited 100

B.Thom Stevenson
Based in NY, U.S.A.

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